Property Management

Property Management Services

  • Collect rent
  • Communicate with tenants directly:act as neutral 3rd party
  • Pay periodc visits and conduct follow up instructions of property Mail or deposits rents to landlord
  • Make the Landlord aware of any situations or repairs needed
  • Keep an organized file that included contracts, receipts, pictures and any documentation obtained
  • Conduct a move in, and out inspection
  • Every time there is a vacancy the property will be marked: it will be posted on; a sign will be posted on the property; and it will be listed on our rental list at our Realty World office
  • Conduct a tenants screening, credit check, check references, employment verification, rental history, and check ability to pay


  • Tenant Finding Fee- $500.00 due each time a new tenant signs a lease agreement
  • Property Managment Fee 8% of rent due monthly for services